Plomino is built on Plone, so in order to install Plomino, you first need to install Plone: go to, download Plone and follow the instructions.

Deploy Plomino in your Plone site

To deploy the Plomino product, you need to edit your buildout.cfg file and add the following in the eggs section:

eggs =

Then you have to run buildout to realize your configuration:

bin/buildout -N

This will download the latest Plomino version (and its dependencies) from the repository and deploy it in your Zope instance.

Now you can restart your Zope instance and in your Plone site, go to Site setup / Add-on products.

Here you should see Plomino and plomino.tinymce in the list of installable products. Select them and click Install.

Once done, Plomino is installed, so when you are in a folder, you can add a new Plomino database using the Plone Add new... menu.

Deploy Plomino development version

$ virtualenv --no-site-packages --distribute ./venv
$ cd ./venv
$ source bin/activate
$ git clone git://
$ cd ./Plomino
$ python
$ bin/buildout -N